Day 6- A Moment You Wish You Could Relive

I have thought all day about this prompt and I’m still not sure how to answer it. First of all it could be taken two different ways. There are moments I would want to relive because they were wonderful moments and I want to experience the joy again. There are also moments I want to relive that were horrible, awful moments. I want to do them again and make them better, fix mistakes and walk away with less regrets.

The bad times come very easily to mind of course, and in a way its a crying shame (no pun intended) that they do. Why am I so quick to focus on the bad? I had to think long and hard to think of one moment in particular that I would love to relive because even most of the happy ones seems slightly tainted now even if they were wonderful at the time.

I think I would love to go back to 1998 when I had my first line/bit part in a church drama. I remember waiting behind the curtain, giddy, listening for my cue. I felt so important because I was the youngest person to have a line, because Barbie had given it to me after hearing me read fill-ins for someone and knowing that the grown men behind me didn’t know what the cue was, they relied entirely on me. Their cue was me going in and if I went in at the wrong time, the scene pretty much got screwed up.  I still get excited, of course, doing theater and waiting for cues/scenes but when you are young, inexperienced, and full of life its 10 times more amazing. It was the start of my obsession with drama. Not just acting in it, but watching it as well. It was a wonderful moment.

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