Day 8 – A Thank You Letter To Someone Who Has Changed Your Life


I’ve spent a long time holding onto people who have changed my life, and those changes haven’t always been for the best. Flan changed my life, Yoni did, Stephanie did, and many others but you taught me that ironic lesson that the people who change my life don’t have to be the center of it. You changed my life by showing me that it is my life, and not one that constantly has to be lived for others. Yes, I have a God-given mandate to help others but not to conform myself, dress myself, and talk a certain way just to please others. I need only be concerned with what pleases God.

I want to thank you for keeping up those boundaries as I desparately tried to bring them down. I still might not have found the balance with you but I can see a definite difference with how I approach Letty (most of the time). I will write this letter here but I will not find a way to send a link to you. I will not print it out and send it. You need no reminder that I am grateful for you. You know that I will never forget you.

It seems strange to write this but thank you for not letting me see you in October. Thank you for not allowing me to continue with my calls and texts. You have taught me something that the others couldn’t, how to let go. I haven’t passed the test yet but I’m much better than I’ve been in the past.

I would by lying to say I don’t miss you. Yet I know why you have to do as you are doing. I know that you aren’t deserting or betraying me.

I thank you so much for your unjugdmental, kind and wise counsel. You did not cower to tell me when I was in the wrong but you did it with such love that even if I rebelled, I did not hate you for it. You were there the times I needed you but placed me on my own when you knew I was strong enough to do it alone. You helped me see that ‘helping’ doesn’t mean answering every phone call and every hour. Stephanie did that and though her heart was in the right place, and though I wanted her to do that, in the end she was just feeding my dependency.

I’ve been through a lot to say the least but of all the doctors, therapists, counselors etc. that I have worked with, I’m glad you were the one there through that particular year. You didn’t coddle me…you loved me and genuinly helped.

Thank you.

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