Day 15 – A Person You Admire

Unfortunately, the older I get the smaller the list of people I admire has become. Am I less naive or more cynical? I’m not sure. However there are a few that have survived.

1.  Barbara Crankshaw

“I remember you with chubby cheeks in a diaper”. Yeah, thanks Crankshaw, its always nice to know that is what your boss is thinking about as she gives you things to do. 🙂 I worked under Crankshaw (I as most affectionally call her 🙂 ) for almost 8 years. I can’t remember ever having too serious a problem or argument with her. Sure there was stuff that i didn’t like being told to do, but hey, any boss will do that to you. I admire Crankshaw for her balance. Shining Lights was so much fun to work at, we did so many silly things but she never let us get too out of hand. She has the balance down between fun and work so that work IS fun. She put up with my antics, like the time I t.p. her office on mischeif night (classic!)  and paid me pack in turn like making a scavenger hunt for me to find my keys…but she was always on top of what needed to be done. She combined her work, family and master course-work and although it couldn’t have been easy under any standard, she still kept her smile. She is a genuine woman, a trust-worthy and caring person even if she tries to shy away from the “touchy gooey stuff”. I love her.

2. Gail Zechmeister

All jokes about her age aside, this woman has influenced generations. She was my mother’s junior high sunday school teacher, my Awana leader and then my director when I was old enough to worki in Awana. She is everywhere! From drama to Awana to the information center, she is always helping. Her smile never fades it seems. Many wednesdays I would walk into Awana right from therapy and been a miserable wretch but she was always there with her upbeat nature and a hug. Amazing. She will never read this because she has no computer or cellphone 🙂 but she has more than anyone else in spirit and in the joy of the Lord.

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