Ok. I have to rant.

Why are Christians so bigoted and close-minded? What happened to reaching people? What happened to Jesus eating with sinners?

Seriously, the whole “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” thing is really getting on my last nerve. I understand the concept behind it but is telling people they are horrible for not saying “Merry Christmas” really going to help? It’s a phrase. The Angels didn’t say…but guess what Santa did. Ok, that is irrevelant but still…

What if we stopped wasting time posting Facebook statuses about people not saying “Merry Christmas” and explained to them what the difference was. Though in my mind, there isn’t much difference. Yes, if  I say “Happy Holidays” I’m implying that there are other holidays. But is there something wrong with Hannaukah? Jesus celebrated it.

You can’t reach people by telling them everything they do or say is wrong, at least not until you earn their trust and they have a reason to believe what you say. They will not listen to you if you jump in their face yelling fire and brimstone. You have to love them. You have to eat with the sinners. It doesn’t mean you condone what they do, it means you are trying to reach them.

The other thing that annoys me is on the same boat though not as intrinsically “religious”. This mind set that you have to speak English in America. People came to America to escape persecution, not to be ridiculed for choosing to speak Spanish. We treat them a lot of the time as if they are dumb because they don’t speak perfect English. Actually many of them are probably much smarter being able to speak one language fluently and another enough to get by. I know I can’t do that. Why should they be made to learn English? Just like we forced the Indians? And made them eradicate their cultures?

The beauty of America is that it is a collaboration of cultures. There is no “true” American culture, it is everything. We should embrace people, help them, not belittle them.

Is it seriously to hard to push one for English? If you were living in another country wouldn’t you like that option to hear something important in a language you know and understand?

One of my favorite songs is The Divine Comedy’s “Eye of the Needle”. I’m sure many Christians would not like the song but I think that’s because it hits too close to home.

The cars in the churchyard are shiny and German
Completely at odds with the theme of the sermon
And all through communion I stare at the people
Squeezing themselves through the eye of the needle

This isn’t the most well thought post, I have to admit that I’m writing it out of frustruation and not calm analysis but honestly….I feel we have become pharisees….the first commandment is to Love the Lord Your God and the second is like unto it….LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, not say the right things and dress appropiately and give your offering….etc.

Ok, done for now.

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