Day 21-Something You Know You Do Differently Than Most People

So I’m always being told I’m “strange” or “different” and now I can’t think of anything in particular….

I read Russian History books for fun. That has to be pretty strange but it fascinates me. I love history, I have a degree in it and Russia is a remarkable country with such a varied history. From the opulence of the Romanovs to Communism, the tension between Westerners and Slavophiles, the huge gap between the upper class and the serfs….

There are so many interesting historical figures too. Of course there is Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky but also Peter the Great, Boris Gudnov, Rasputin, Dostovesky…

Cultural things like the Ballet, Icon-making, Russian Orthodox Church…

Russia encompasses so many tographical regions especially at its height when it included Siberia and the Caucaus. The “western” cities like St. Petersburg and then all the way to the nomads on the Easter plains. It has everything. 🙂

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