1.  If we can’t lose our salvation what happens to the child who sincerely believes and accepts Christ at like five but grows up to become an atheist?

Because beliefs can change just like a child believes in Santa at 5 and then is told he’s not real…
Or if you believe we can then does it simply determine what time of life we die at? Because if you believe as a child, then turn away from God can you not repent and accept Christ again? So if you think the person lost his/her salvation when he turned away from God and regained it later wouldn’t it suck to die in the inbetween time? But I guess that same arguement applies to anyone who dies without trusting God.
2. I’m supposed to stand up for myself and tell someone when I’m uncomfortable. I’m also supposed to determine what things are not really dangerous but only a result of my messed up thinking because of mental illness and bad experiences. So, if someone makes me uncomfortable, but its probably just because I’m crazy and looking at it screwed, what am I supposed to do? Accept the behavoir even though it scares the shit out of me or distance myself from the person and isolate myself because of screwed thinking?
3.  Is there really any point to going to grad school? Except for getting out of this house, which really is a great reason. I can’t stand anymore of the screaming and arguing. Jenna is out of control again. She is going anorexic again and Mom doesn’t have the strength or gumption enough to do anything about it and Dad has been beaten down by both Mom and Jenna so many times I don’t think he will try to intercede.
4. Do you love someone because they make you smile and know you or because they are hot and sexy? Seem like a stupid question? Well what happens when someone is everything you want except physically attractive? Can you love someone you think looks sort of ugly?
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