So I got into a fight with my father. I never get into fights with because I never talk to him. That only makes it more stressful. Mom’s still at the hospital and Juliet is scared and worried. For heaven’s sake she’s only four. She has been sitting next to me all evening asking if Mom-mom is ok if Mom will be home soon etc. Has she asked Dad? No because he is unapproachable and hidden behind his computer. So of course he’s blind to the fact that his four yeard old daughter is distraught. She doesn’t respond as quickly as he would like when he tells her to get ready for bed. I can hear him from across the house, screaming at her and she is yelling. Yeah sure ok, she didn’t obey right away but she’s four, she scared and concerned and he’s yelling in her face, DO IT! So I came in and told him to calm down, she’s upset. He tells me to shut up, he’s the parent. Yeah some parent, dosen’t even know what’s going on in his kids lives. He never has. If he knows anything its because Mom tells him when it gets out of her hands. He told me to leave. I told him I didn’t have to. I’m 22. He can’t order me around. Well that definetly didn’t make him happy because I was such a mellow quiet kid that did whatever anyone said to me but I wasn’t about to leave him with her. She was terrified and he has been known to hit in anger. So he told me not to say another word or else. Or else what? I didn’t have anything else to say so I did keep quiet. This whole thing with Mom-mom in the hospital is just going to cause so much more stress than anyone needs. I know its selfish of me but why the heck can’t she listen to Pop once in a while and not do stupid things like try to walk when she knows she’s unsteady. FML

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