Sunday Scribblings #257 – Raw

That’s actually a very good word to describe me at the moment – raw. When I think of  “raw”, I think of that patch of skin at the corners of your mouth or the sides of your nose that after months of cold rough winter weather has been chapped and, if you are like me, you can’t help messing with it so the dried skin has come of and let it red. Red and raw. So that every time you sniff or open your mouth wide you feel the skin stretch uncomfortable and are reminded of the ugly red patches.

That’s what I feel like right now. Even if nothing abnormally bad had happened (like Gma’s hip) all the little things added up would have left me feeling this way. It’s not once fierce wind that leaves those patches of dry skin, its the tedious continual winter weather. The little things build up and strip away your protective skin slowly so that when you get to the point where it hurts you feel horrible crying out for help because someone is bound to say, “Well what are you griping about? Nothing too bad has happened. Life goes on, quit your yapping.” But all your protection has been stripped away and every little thing you come in contact with hurts and even that remark makes you want to cry.

And that’s how I feel today. One thing happens you go, “Ok, that’s not that big of a deal”, something else falls through and you say, “Well, I wasn’t too keen on that anyway” A third and perhaps you can still smile in understanding and comment that “That’s life.” but the fourth and the fifth, the sixth and seventh and you begin to wonder if God has something against you.  I have no defenses now. I almost broke down three or four times tonight when out with friends for no reason that I can readily think of, I was just tired, fed up, raw.

But the word raw also has a positive connotation as in the phrase, “raw talent”. It is untapped, unprocessed as raw vegetables are uncooked. Although raw skin can be red and painful it is also raw as in that it is new and unused. It is the new layer directly below the dry, dead epidermis.  Maybe I’ll be able to come out of this with a thicker skin.

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  1. Sadly people with thick skins are notoriously uncaring. Luckily winter is not that hard here so I have forgotten the down side to it being really cold.

    • I live in South Texas so its not really cold here either but I grew up in NJ….brrrr.

  2. It’s the damp cold that tends to produce sores and rawness; fortunately in Finland, midwinter, we have a very dry cold, but don’t touch iron with bare hands, you’ll stick forever! I started to open my shed door without gloves on and felt my fingers being ‘gripped’ by the handle. I was able to snatch my hand away before being trapped. A very good ‘miserable’ post.

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